Thursday, February 12, 2015

La Tradicion Cubana Review

review by : David Weinstein (Ddub)

La Tradicion Cubana

Size: Petite Torpedo
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan
Price: $5

Have you heard of La TradiciĆ³n Cubana?  Some of you probably haven’t.  Well shame on you. Owned and operated by Luis Sanchez A.K.A. The Mad Scientist, whose family has been in the industry for damn near a century!  Do I have your attention now?  Good…  Let’s continue.  

Luis founded this company in 1995 and placed the factory smack dab in the heart of Little Havana Miami.  Tradition?  Oh yea, tons of it!  Walking the streets here you’ll notice two iconic themes, cigars and cuban bakeries.  Close your eyes, sip on a nice cuban cafe and light up a fresh hand rolled cigar.  Are you still in Miami?  Cuba?  Or simply heaven.

Back to the history behind LTC.  In 2006, a fire destroyed the Miami factory and Luis moved production to Santiago, Dominican Republic and the rest, well now you know, is history.  Fast forward to 2015.  OneSaturday morning, I walked into the La Tradicion Cubana shop in Miami where Luis had a small cup of cuban cafe and a cigar awaiting my arrival.  Now that’s service!  We smoke and chat for about an hour.  We discuss the leafs, the history, the business and what customers want in a cigar.  Damn this guy knows his stuff.  I left that shop with a newfound appreciation for the industry from seed to smoke.  But not before I purchased the cigar I’m about to review today, the La TradiciĆ³n Cubana Petite Torpedo.

The look of this cigar just oozes tradition.  This gorgeous, pointy torpedo is dressed in a Spanish cedar sleeve and features a photo of Luis' wife's aunt on the band.  The light, tan colored Ecuadorian wrapper gives off a mild tobacco scent.  I clip the tip straight across with my trusty Xikar cutter.  The cold draw was open and woodsy.  Let’s light this beauty up.  Fire in the hole!

The initial flavors were very mild and mellow.  Hints of cream and nuts.  Which nut you ask?  Yep, I think it’s almond.  Then BAM!  A minor blast of pepper through the retro.  This is a great start.  There’s only one “draw”back.  The draw.  The LTC was as open as a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day.  Looser than a king bed sheet on a twin sized mattress.  You get it, right?  No resistance at all.  Now, I like this characteristic if I’m describing a woman, but in a cigar… not so much.  At this rate, the cigar would not last very long.  I hoped for an immediate improvement.

Heading into the second third, the draw stiffens just a tad, not much, but enough to notice.  The cigar continues it’s medium body with the same cream and nutty notes but light coffee and cedar join the party.  A tiny hint of pepper is noticed on the retro and lingers on finish.  The firm, gray ash holds for well past a couple of inches and shows qualities of great construction.  The burn was pretty much razor sharp for the entire duration.  Pair this gem with a cup of coffee and I think you've just found the perfect morning stogie.

Heading into the finish there are no additional shifts in flavor.  This is not necessarily a bad thing as the creamy nuttiness is such a pleasant note.  The draw has not changed much either.  While the draw was a little looser than I would have preferred, it did not hinder the experience at all. 

Would I smoke this again?  You’re damn right.  I can easily recommend picking up these sticks if you’re a fan of mild/medium flavor profiles or if you’re a flavor bomb kind of guy’s guy looking for a nice change-of-pace cigar.  I would give this cigar a rating of 89 and already looking forward to the next one.

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