Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cigar Review: Tennesse Waltz by Crowned Heads

by Crowned Heads
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size 5 1/2 x 52
Factory: My Father

Crowned Heads has really released some phenomenal cigars this year in the likes of the Las Calaveras and Hecho Con Corazon, Jericho Hill, Mason Dixon Project, and this one; the Tennessee Waltz. The Tennessee Waltz was released exclusively to b&ms in the state of Tennessee! I have received many calls from buddies to pick some of these up for them, so finally decided I should get around to trying one. I did, and then I tried another, and then another! I personally wasn't the biggest fan of the brand in last year releases. I thought they were fine, but all three left me wanting more. Then they came out with the Headley in the "drumstick" vitola in which I really enjoyed. Then, enter the Las Calaveras and Jericho Hill. Those that know me know my opinion on these phenomenal sticks! Anyway, back to the Tennessee Waltz. Jon Huber named the cigar this because it was the song playing in the dance hall when his grandparents met.

The cigar has a nice feel in the hands, and is right in between a robusto and toro vitola. The seams are slightly noticeable as well as the veins. The cigar doesn't have a traditional band, however is graced with an orange ribbon footband, very reminiscent of the  My Father Le Bijous. I guess they had some laying around. Probably had something to do with that horrible team that wears that awful color from the East side of the state. Pre-light, the cigar wrapper smells of cocoa and the foot has a spice and manure scent to it!

The cigar lights up perfectly and evenly. I am greeted with a smooth cool smoke with a subtle spice on the palate and a nice touch of spice and very light pepper on the retrohale. It burns pretty even all the way through the first third producing a nice amounts of smoke! There is a slight cocoa flavor to the smoke, as well as a little tang and spice.

The stick continues to perform well into the middle third. A woodsy smoky flavor is in the forefront right now with the tangy/citrus notes pretty much gone. Their is also still a little cocoa notes to the stick and the spicy notes have become very subtle, yet still noticeably present on the retrohale. The flavors aren't as pronounced as a whole at this point of the stick. It is more of a medley of notes with a nice cool, slightly creamy smoke. Up to this point I would say it has been a medium flavor and medium strength smoke.

Into the home stretch of this stick the strength picks up a bit letting you know it is a leaning more towards a medium full stick. The spice has picked back up a bit with a slight harshness to the flavor as well. Not overwhelming though, and I think good age will rid the cigar of this. The pepper also kicks back up on the retrohale at this point. As far as construction, the cigar performs well the whole way through with no touchups needed throughout the smoke.

This cigar was a pleasant smoking experience. None of the flavors were overpronounced in this stick. It will be interesting to see what a little time does to them. I have smoked 4 to date, and a slight harshness has shown up towards the end of all of them, although they were all almost at a nub when it showed up. Outside of reviews, or the real rare sticks, I personally don't choose to smoke a stick to this point anyways. This was not as good as the Las Cal, or Jericho Hill in my humble opinion, although, I would still definitely recommend trying a couple! If you are looking for a box split partner, give me a call because I will age a few of these to see how they render in the future.


Appearance: 23/25
Construction: 23/25
Flavor: 21/25
Overall Impressions: 22/25
Total: 89

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