Thursday, October 2, 2014

Long Live The King Review

Long Live The King
by Caldwell Cigars
Wrapper: Corojo  (Dominican)
Binder: Corojo (Dominican)
Filler: Dominican, Peru, Nicaragua
Size: 6 x 52

Although the name Caldwell Cigars may sound new to those familiar with the boutique industry, Robert Caldwell has been around the "biz" for a while. Robert Caldwell worked side by side Christian Eiroa of CLE, and was one of the main guys behind brands you may be familiar with ala Wynwood Cigars. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert at an event at Havana Mix in Memphis, TN a couple months ago, and the man has a passion second to none. He is really doing some cool things, and stepping outside the "normality" if you will, with his blends and vitolas. He has two lines; the premier line known as the Caldwell Collection, and the JV line, or "junior varsity", which at a lower price point, still uses grade A small batch tobaccos. We will talk more about the JV line at a later time. Robert has been kind enough to grant us at JAGG a Q&A session, which will be posted in the near future, and I will let him tell you more about the lines. Meanwhile, let's get on with the smoke at hand!

Long Live The King is a beautiful cigar that has an interesting, almost red tint to the near seamless Corojo wrapper finished off with a pigtail at the cap. The band, along with all the others in the line, has some really awesome and unique artwork. I'm not going to explain it, just look at the fuckin picture. It's cool! Prelight notes I get are cedar, sweet tobacco, and almost a bread/yeast flavor. On with the smoke!!

The beauty lights up flawlessly and burns evenly producing a nice amount of smoke right out of the gate. Right away there is a nice spice present, and a little sweet citrus on the finish. About an inch and a half or so in, the citrus like note is gone and the spice although still present, has took a back seat to coffee and sweet caramel like flavors. Still burning razor sharp and ash hangs on for a little over 2". 

About half way through the smoke, spice and traditional tobacco flavors take the lead, with that citrus showing back up a bit with a nice buttery smoke that lingers on the palate. LIKE BUTTAH STEAK!! There is a nice spice, although not what I would call pepper, to the retrohale. I got so engulfed in this smoke I didn't remember to snap a pic at the fifty yard line. From the middle on the cigar opens up from about a medium, to more towards a medium full in strength. On the back third of the cigar, I have pretty much lost the tangy/citrus like flavors that I reckon come from the Pelo De Oro in the filler, but the buttery smoothness is still there.

This cigar is a great stick that I highly enjoyed smoking, and have since bought a box myself. The construction was solid with a nice burn the entire way through, and the ash holding on for 2"+ the entire smoke. It is a complex smoke bringing a lot of flavors in and out on the palate, and unlike any flavor I have gotten from other sticks. Usually, I can make a pretty good comparison to another stick but with this one I can't. Not overpowering facepeeling type smoke, but you know you have smoked it when you are done. Smoke time for me was around an hour and a half. I don't give a shit if you are a novice or a "aficianado", or whatever you want to call yourself, jump on these. You won't regret it.

Appearance: 23/25
Construction: 23/25
Flavor: 23/25
Overall Impression: 23/25
JAGG Total: 92

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