Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Monday

Happy Monday JAGGoffs!!! Hope everyone is having a good one!! I noticed a large spike a couple of hours ago in views on the site for today. I assume there are some that expected me to comment on the Swisher purchase of Drew Estates. Well I hate to disappoint those but I didn't only for one reason! That reason is because......,well to be frank, I really just didn't give a fuck! Also, I didn't think it was groundbreaking news. This shit has been whispered about for about 6 months, and I always presume where there is smoke there is fire! Also, JAGG is here to read reviews on sticks that I find noteworthy, and the occasional dogrocket that I definitely want the world to know about when I come across to stay the fuck away from. Also, when a manufacturer or blender shares some time with us we like to post interesting q&a's with them. Besides, that its to look at funny memes, a little stogie art from time to time, and smoking hot ladies!! If you want news go to CNN!!!!  Have a fantastic week JAGGoffs and stay tuned for another kickass Q&A with Robert Caldwell from Caldwell Cigars!!!

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