Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cigar Review: Cuban Assassin reviews Franklin Cigars

reviewed by Bill Ives aka The Cuban Assassin

Well, The Cuban Assassin has finally made it to the world of cigar blogs! The viewpoint I want to give to you guys on the cigars that I review, is the everyday honest approach. I don't think you will get the "leather", "nuts", "dried fruits", from this guy. Maybe pepper, cream, shit, and the normal guy approach!
Today, I will be reviewing a cigar line that has taken off on Facebook these days. The cigar is made by Franklin Pichardo of Franklin Cigars. Franklin is the owner operator of a new cigar shop located at 17 E. 3rd Street, Bethlehem, PA. Franklin is from the Dominican Republic, and is a former employee of the Arturo Fuente Cigar Company. Franklin was a superior roller and constructed the Fuente Fuente Opus X Perfection #2 for 14 years. Since his arrival at his PA location, I found that Franklin has great knowledge of the rolling and blending process.

I selected the Franklin Maduro Robusto. This cigar is currently not banded, but Franklin has advised me that bands are slated for the future. The cigar measures 5 x 50, and has a San Andreas wrapper, binder from the Dominican Republic, and filler from Peru & Nicaragua. This cigar was hand rolled by Franklin here in the United States. It has a very light feel to it, but I didn't find any soft spots as I inspected the cigar pre-smoke. Smelling the cigar before lighting it, I pickup a very smoky, maybe barnyard smell. I'm using a perfect cut cutter and get a very loose prelight draw. I can tell already that I won't have to fight with this cigar at all. The cigar could actually have a bit of a tighter draw, but let's just see how this baby performs.

After lighting this Franklin Maduro Robusto, the burn seems to be spot on. The ash on this little guy is burning pure white, something I really like to see when I'm smoking a cigar. It shows me that the tobacco used was fermented and aged properly. During the first third of this cigar, I notice that it is very smoky, not a Liga Privada type of smoke, but maybe a notch or two below that. I'm picking up a very sweet taste with this cigar. I'm not noticing any black pepper at all that lingers in your mouth. I get a very slight pepper on the retro hale. The ash dropps off after about a half inch, and you will have to keep an eye on it as its not super strong holding. I've noticed that if your on top of this stick, a touch up won't be necessary, but if you let it sit too long, you may have to put the flame to it. 

The middle of the cigar stays sweet and gets a touch of creaminess. The draw is very loose and could be an issue for some smokers, if you pull the shit out of it without letting it rest for a bit. The cream backs down, but the sweetness stays there with no harshness at all on the palate. The cigar lacks strength. To be blunt, its not going to smack you in the face, or take your mother fuckin head off like an Assassin would! It tastes like its missing a little something in the middle to give it pop, but it smokes like nothing I've had lately.

Coming to the end of this Franklin Maduro Robusto, it gets a bit soft. The cigar loses some of its sweetness and mellow cream with a slight pepper coming into play. The smoke production is still on point.

Wrapping it up, The Cuban Assassin can recommend smoking this cigar with a cup of coffee in the morning, anytime in the afternoon in the yard, or as a starter cigar in the evening. I enjoy it because I'm a fucking animal lately smoking multiple sticks in a day. This cigar won't corrupt your palate for the next cigar you're going to smoke. I always say you smoke a Nica Rustica first, when you are not sure what direction you want to go, and I see that with this cigar as well. Overall, I enjoyed it for what it is, a quick, sweet, creamy smoke that won't burn the piss out of your palette. 

Assassin approved medium, more flavor then strength with this cigar. These cigars are available by calling Franklin at (610)867-2761 or by sending him a pm on facebook. Don Wiggins, the head pimp of the Underground Cigar Shop also has advised me that he will be carrying some of Franklins cigars. Don can be reached at (817)507-3640. If this review sucked, just let me know so I can go back to posting selfies on Facebook with the cigar social media whore Papa Juan Cancel. See you in the Underground or Dojo Baby!!

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