Sunday, February 23, 2014

Range Time!!!

                      Just got back from the range !!  Got the pistols cleaned up and back in their house!

Original plans were to go outside and shoot and give a couple different reviews to get the ball rolling in this section. Well it was windy and cold so plans changed. Anyways, my buddies squeezed off a few rounds on a Glock .45 GAP and a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380. I carried the Ruger SR1911, which Stevie Wonder could hit the bullseye with, and my normal carry gun which is the Smith and Wesson SD40VE. Heres a couple of short videos of the action! Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Carnie decides to see how far back he can reach with the .380 Bodyguard!! As you guys know, you arent winning any long range competitions with a conceal carry style .380

Carnie looking a lot better with the Glock Auto .45 GAP
Hollywood type stuff here. Only five rounds shot, and I see 50 damn holes!!
I think he just picked the closest and pointed! HaHa!!

Showing what the SR1911 .45ACP can do!!

Lets scoot in on back to where the boys separate themselves from the men!

Bobby showing us what the SD40VE .40 S&W is all about!

**Discloser** We are not professional camera men nor do we claim to be. and I recommend sitting down to watch a couple of these videos. Shit may get shaky!

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