Saturday, February 22, 2014

Carnies Words of Wisdom

This will be the only staple posts of the funny stuff section. I asked my boy Cody Casper, aka Carnie, aka Bobby, aka Big Poppi, aka Player, aka Cooter, to give us a random thought or word to live by occasionally.
Carnie is one of the ones that gave me the idea to start this blog in the first place. He is anyway, by definition, a Guy's Guy. We were enjoying some smooth libations and fantastic smokes one night when he began to ramble about internet sites for dudes. He talked about how he wished someone would roll Ebaum's world and College Slacker style information, in with the Robb Report, Men's Journal, Cigar Snob and Big Boy's Toys!!!  Well Bobby, I'm giving it my best shot with the little skills that I have. Anyways, I told him if I'm going to spend the time on it I need his input from time to time. Thats how Carnies Words of Wisdom came to fruition. Spending many years around Cody, I have come to learn that he has infinite useless knowledge, much like myself, wrapped around the occasional Genius!!  Live by the words he will bestow upon you. Or just sit back and laugh your ass off like I do. We got a special being the inaugural post hes throwing an extra one in for free!!! See what I did there. A little Carnie humor!!

Inaugural  Carnies Words of Wisdom 

"When in the left lane, Days of Thunder rules apply. It should be perfectly acceptable to rub or change paint to get around a slower driver."

"You don't have to make every night a case of beer night! It is perfectly acceptable to walk in to the room with a six pack from time to time."


  1. Dude the site looks awesome!!! Carnies Words Of Wisdom should be more like "Holy Shit That Dudes a F'n Genius!!!"

  2. hahahahaa!! Im with ya there Kory!! ^^^^